Workplace Performance Through Play

There are many reasons to use the HandsOnThinking™ or Lego® play method and the ten most common and strongest application areas are listed below:

  • There are no obvious answers to the challenge at hand.
  • When the group is challenged by negative groupthink, where few people “dominate” the majority and where a significant part of the group tend to modify their responses in an inauthentic way. In short when you want to create a level playing field for discussion.
  • When the subject is complex and multifaceted and there is a need to grasp the bigger picture, find connections, identify options and potential solutions as well as explore emergent properties of the challenge at hand.
  • When the subject is abstract, like a vision or mission, and you seek to make this more concrete and comprehensible, as well as create a shared understanding of the subject.
  • When everyone in the group has an interest or stake in the agenda and when reaching a decision that everyone commits to, honors and actively pursues after the meeting, is crucial.
  • When you want participants to be more mindful about their own and the behavioral patterns of the group. When you seek to heighten awareness of new possibilities.
  • When you want to increase the learning capacity of the group helping them gain new learning, insights and new ways of thinking.
  • When you have a topic that potentially is rich on the narratives and these narratives need to be expressed, aligned in the group and maybe even communicated outside the group.
  • When you want to deal with issues that are tough, complex or emotional in a constructive atmosphere.
  • When you want to enhance the groups thinking agility and enhance the solution focus of each participant.

Programme Contents

  • HandsOnThinking™
  • Improving group problem solving
  • Appropriate for children, teens and adults and may be used in a variety of settings ranging from corporate workshops, classrooms to group based counselling sessions.

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