Research indicates that more than what we do at work, but who you’re doing work with is what ultimately determines our levels of engagement and wellbeing. Higher self-esteem, greater life satisfaction, recovery from illness, lower stress, less mental illness, and longer life are the outcomes that positively correlate with having a sense of belonging. For example, having a best friend at work, your seven times more likely to produce higher quality work, more likely to be engaged, and have higher wellbeing. How? As humans we have a biological need for support and each time we joyfully connect with others, pleasure hormones are released into the bloodstream producing a host of benefits for the mind and body.

How can we build our relationships?

At Home: Active & Constructive Chats

Next time a loved one shares their good news, try to respond actively and constructively by asking positive questions that allows them to continue sharing and savouring their positive feelings.

At Work: Connection Rituals

The best way to nurture your relationships at work is to create rituals allowing you to connect with people you value on a regular basis. Examples include a weekly coffee, a daily lunchtime walk, or a monthly night out with colleagues. The research shows that when we get over six hours of daily social time it increases our wellbeing and reduces stress and worry.

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