Positive Emotions

Studies have found the experience of ‘hedonic happiness’ positive emotions like joy, gratitude, interest, hope, pride, inspiration, love and fun can help increase your optimism, resilience, levels of acceptance, happiness and overall health. Repeatedly demonstrating positive emotions helps broaden and build the way our brains neural network responds to opportunities and challenges.

How can we build our Positive Emotions?

At Home: Practicing Gratitude - 3 Good Things

A great way to begin your journey of developing positive mental heath, health and wellbeing is to start reflective journaling. Over the next three weeks pick 5 nights each week before you go to sleep, write in your diary 3 events in your day for which you are truly grateful. The power is in the detail! For each good thing, write a small meaningful paragraph as to why you are truly grateful.

At Work: Practicing Kindness - 5 Favours

Practicing kindness when expecting nothing in return helps you see others in a positive light. Helps you feel more connected and grateful. At work this week be mindful to really listen to someone and check to see how others are doing. Bring your colleague a gift like a brew, bun, or just being kind. To ramp up the practice pick a day in your week where you set a challenge of doing 5 kind things for others and expecting nothing in return. Again use your reflective diary to map your journey and how it feels to be kind in work.

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