Over decades it has been seen that people have ranked a sense of purpose in work as more important than pay, promotion, and job security. For many people, finding meaningful work feels like something inaccessible. The science indicates that people struggle to find meaning in their jobs when they lack autonomy, challenge, feedback and variety. A strong predictor of finding meaning in your job is the sense that your work has a positive impact on others. When a sense of meaning is found the growing body of evidence suggests we are happier, motivated, committed, and satisfied, which helps us perform better.

How can we build our sense of meaning?

At Home: Giving At Home

As a family take a look at how you can contribute to your local community. This may involve getting involved with a charity, social group or event, or providing time to volunteer in a community group. Look for meaningful opportunities to help others in your community and if you can make it a weekly activity or at least a monthly activity.

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