The pillar of Health is an important element of the multidimensional construct for feeling well, doing well, and functioning well. I think it’s true to say when we feel bad physically, it affects our energy, happiness, thinking, behaviours, productivity, and relationships. Take for example the last time you felt sick, How did it make you feel? Im guessing pretty awful. The reason being, your mind and body are closely interconnected.
It's unfortunate but the research indicates we are poor judges of how much looking after our body impacts our performance and wellbeing. Other researchers, ourselves included believe that the cultivation of your Health by eating well, moving regularly, and sleeping deeply make up the critical hygiene factors in the construct of wellbeing.

How can we build our overall health?

At Home: Sleep well

One step you can take at home to improve your sleep is to turn off all technology devices an hour before you go to bed. Not only does the blue LED light interfere with the sleep hormone, the subconscious thought of notifications affects soothing sleep hormones. To improve sleep try and get up at the same time each morning, even on weekends. If you’re waking at night, rather than lying in anxious thought try some calming breathing exercises.

At Work: Eat and move wisely

The trick to eating right is not learning to resist temptation, but to make healthy eating the easiest possible option. If you develop a habit of asking yourself positive eating decisions you will make better informed choices in the moment. Educations and knowledge holds the key!
Activity throughout your day is what will keep you healthy. Sitting in stationary position all day everyday will sap your energy and ruin your health. Get clever in work, think of moments where we can stand up and move or walk and talk. For every 20 mins try to move for 2 mins if you can. Develop a programme with our experts in health, nutrition & fitness.

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