Engagement is that feeling where you become fully absorbed in an activity. Described as that feeling of loosing all self-consciousness where time stands still and you’re in the zone. It’s that feeling of genuine pride in your accomplishment when performing at your best. Research suggests ‘flow state’ experience comes with a host of wellbeing benefits. You feel more involved in life as apposed to isolation, you enjoy activities more, you have a stronger sense of self-control, higher confidence, and more self-belief. Its suggested ‘flow’ is likely to occur when clear goals are aligned with psychological strengths inline with the complexity of tasks; when you have a sense of autonomy and choice about your path, and when you receive regular feedback. Creating conditions for engagement to occur is also important. Distractions make it hard to stay engaged.

How can we build our Positive Emotions?

At Home: Practicing Mindfulness

The mind often wanders ruminating on the past, worrying about the future, or thinking we know all the answers rather than being engaged in the present moment. Mindfulness involves training our mins to focus on the moment in an open, curious and non-judgmental way. As you move through you day, try to actively notice new things. When out for a walk today, leave your phone in the car or at home. Open your mind to look for new ways of seeing what’s unfolding on your walk. Notice nature, the trees, their colour, the sound of the wind blow through them, the sounds of animals and birds. You will discover new possibilities for learning, growth, connection, and joy.

At Work: Discover Your Strengths

The best place to start is to take a character strengths test. When you identify your signature strengths think back on your best moments at work, the times when you felt engaged energised and enjoyed what you were doing. Identify what top strengths were at play, there could be many, and explore ways to apply these strengths in your current role.

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