Gritty people focus on controlling what they can and prioritize learning goals that highlight the knowledge and skills they need to build to have the best chance of producing the desired results. People who adopt a “Growth Mindset” have confidence to accept challenge, learn from criticism and feedback, and see failure as an opportunity to learn. Studies have found this mindset makes it easy to set stretch goals, move from comfort zones, and helps you achieve your true potential. However its important to remember the Grit mindset can go wrong when we persist with things that are destructive to our wellbeing and for this reason it’s important we practice self-compassion. This involves being mindful of painful feelings and reminding oneself we’re human. Step away from the inner critic and talk to the inner self like a wise and kind friend.

How can we build our Positive Emotions?

At Home: Practicing Gratitude - Set learning goals

Set some learning goals to build your competence in something each week and get your loved ones involved in the practice. It could be a skill you want to gain, a task you want to master, or just wanting to understand something better. Notice what happens with practice, the mistakes, and the competence your building. Moving toward your goals, be mindful to let go of any outcomes, embrace mistakes, and identify the processes and efforts you can build upon to keep growing.

At Work: Reaching for self-compassion

Physical gestures can have an immediate effect on our bodies, activating the relating parasympathetic nervous system. Get away from the monkey mind and drop into your body, place your hands over your heart or gut in a comforting way to practice some self-compassion.

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