Parent as A Coach Training

This is custom heading element Introduction   I’m sure we can all agree, that being a parent is by far one of the most challenging but also one of the most rewarding roles in existence. While this is the case, unfortunately, there is no instruction manual, you don’t get feedback on your performance, and ultimately... View Article

What is Compassionate Leadership

When we think of the best qualities a great leader should possess, qualities like being a strong communicator, the ability to delegate, integrity, empathy etc all usually come to mind.

How Virtual Coaching can increase employee engagement

For many employees, this pandemic meant that they went from seeing and communicating with their colleagues physically at work daily, to being forced to stay at home alone, for the foreseeable future.

4 Steps to Thrive in The New Normal: Compassionate Leadership

Warren Doyle is a successful entrepreneur, workplace wellbeing teacher, and playful change facilitator. He’s a character strengths facilitator with the centre of Applied Positive Psychology, holds a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (Coaching) from the University of College Cork, and is a certified positive psychology facilitator in using LEGO® Serious® Play® and Hands On Thinking.

Helping to create an organisational culture where people work well, thrive, and feel psychologically safe


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